About Me

Dr Melissa Keogh is a senior clinical psychologist with over 17 years’ experience. She is also an accomplished writer, ambassador, media commentator, presenter, facilitator and thought leader.

Dr Melissa has a Bachelor of Arts with an Honours degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and has undertaken research in the fields of anorexia nervosa and ADHD.

She is a full member of both the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the APS College of Clinical Psychologists (CCLIN) and is registered with the APS Media Referral Service.

Prior to entering into private practice in 2006 Dr Melissa worked as a clinical psychologist in acute private mental health as well as in the field of organisational psychology. She also worked as a community television news reader/reporter and health and wellbeing TV presenter.

Dr Melissa has extensive media experience having worked as an expert psychologist and ambassador for numerous companies including Nine Digital (formerly Mi9), Hallmark and 20th Century Fox and has appeared on programs such as The Project, Sunrise, Studio 10, The Morning Show, The Daily Edition and The House of Wellness TV.

She currently works as a writer for e BUBBLE Life, a digital lifestyle magazine, whereby she produces articles on mental health for individuals, parents and caregivers in regional Australia.

Dr Melissa has also held the position of writer/columnist at Kidspot.com.au – Australia’s number one parenting website – whereby she responded to readers’ questions via an Ask Dr Melissa column.

In addition Dr Melissa authored monthly posts on relationship issues for mums at Kidspot.com.au and her work was  translated into several other languages. Her story Couples Who Go To Bed Together Stay Together was the most read post for the week of its release and she has appeared on several national TV programs to discuss her Kidspot column, such as Today Extra.

Dr Melissa has also worked as a Workshop Facilitator and Lecturer for Australian Doctor Education presenting on the topics of anxiety, depression and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

Outside of work Dr Melissa enjoys singing, reading, catching up with friends and family and nurturing relationships, as well as listening to podcasts on spirituality, wellbeing and root cause/functional medicine.

She resides in the eastern suburbs of Sydney where she is grateful to be able to start each day with an organic, extra extra hot, almond milk, refined sugar free hot chocolate by beautiful Bondi beach.

I genuinely care about the wellbeing of others and relish the opportunity to make a difference and inspire change

Dr Melissa