Men’s Behaviour Change Program

Dr Melissa runs individually tailored, one on one anger management courses for both court and non-court related purposes.

At the conclusion of the course a certificate of attendance is provided for attendees.

A treatment report may also be provided at the conclusion of the course (for court related purposes). Please note that treatment reports differ significantly from forensic reports and a referral to a forensic psychologist may in some instances be required instead.


The course includes 6-12 individual anger management sessions which are conducted either weekly or fortnightly.
Sessions may be held in person or via Telehealth.

Sessions Include:

  • assessment of anger related issues and co–morbid mental health conditions including anger related issues;
  • discussion and reflection of the development and perpetuation of behavioural issues including anger and violence where appropriate;
  • cognitive behavioural (CBT) management strategies, and;
  • acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) management strategies.

*Please note Dr Melissa is unable to accept referrals for perpetrators of sexual offences or offences involving substance abuse.

Treatment Reports

Dr Melissa provides treatment reports upon the completion of the course where appropriate detailing:

  • the client’s presentation and mental health history;
  • treatment strategies employed;
  • client progress, and;
  • future recommendations regarding treatment

*Please note that treatment reports do NOT constitute a forensic report and Dr Melissa is unable to comment on matters of future offending or suitability/fitness for parenting or work related issues.


The cost per individual anger management session is according to the Australian Psychological Society recommended fee (i.e., $267 per hour) and for clients with a Mental Health Care Plan a rebate of $129.55 per session applies. 

The minimum commitment for Dr Melissa’s anger management course is six individual sessions and in most instances the course can be complete in a maximum of twelve sessions. 

The cost of the treatment report is approximately $1,500 plus GST. 

Payment for the course is required at the time of booking.